Women’s Meditation Group 

Why meditation?

It’s difficult in our current environment for women to feel at home, safe, and centered in themselves. Join two senior Zen students who’ll help you practice seated and walking meditation and teach exercises to help you stay grounded.

Instructors: Adrienne Hampton, M.D. is an integrative family physician who studies Zen with Roshi Kenneth Kushner. Adrienne leads wellness workshops for healthcare professionals. Rebecca Ryan is a futurist and economist who studies Zen with Roshi Ginny Whitelaw. Rebecca is chairwoman and faculty member of the Institute for Zen Leadership.

When: Mondays starting at 7:00 pm

Where: Threshold 2717 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI

Other: Please bring your own meditation gear or simple gear will be provided.

Suggested donation: $5-15 per session

Ready? Email zenwisconsin@gmail.com to reserve your cushion and learn more.