Zen Dojo of Wisconsin

A Buddhism of Breath and Bone



Is an Assault on Duality:

Mind-Body, Self-Other,



We train rigorously using the traditional forms of Rinzai Zen, martial arts and fine arts.

The Zen Dojo is a place for deep spiritual training (shugyo in Japanese) for anyone who has a sincere desire to realize their True Self. Prior experience with meditation, martial arts, or fine arts is not necessary to begin training.


Our tools are our breath, our posture, our senses.

Zen is not an idea or belief. It is the moment by moment experience of the quality of your breathing, the penetrating effect of gravity on your muscles and bones, and the ways in which your senses create the world around you.


The results are the flesh and bones of compassion, available under all conditions.

The test of our Zen training is not on the meditation cushion but under the extremes that life can bring to any of us. For us, compassion means to take away fear in those around us – any time and any place.


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