Gordon Hakuun Greene began his koan training with Tenshin Tanouye Rotaishi, Abbot of Daihonzan Chozen-ji, in 1978, becoming ordained in 1987 and receiving inka in 1997. He ended his work as a faculty member of the School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii in 2006, moving to Wisconsin in order to develop a rural Zen training center. While supervising the building of the Spring Green Dojo, he recognized how readily the hard work reinforced the breath and posture necessary for useful meditation, leading to a teaching emphasis on the manual labor of Zen meditation. He is currently the resident priest for Spring Green Dojo. He continues to deepen his understanding of how people can learn to face suffering through his work as a chaplain. Shodo (Zen calligraphy) is also an integral part of his Zen training. zencalligraphy.org