Instructions for Beginning Students 

The first step for most people in becoming a student is to arrange an introductory meeting with an instructor. Typically, those interested in training in Madison will meet with Kushner Roshi while those interested in Spring Green will meet with Greene Roshi. We find that a face-to-face meeting is the best way for both you and the instructor to get a sense of whether our training will meet your needs. A meeting also provides a good opportunity for you to receive individual instruction on how to sit zazen (seated Zen meditation). If a meeting is not possible due to distance or other considerations, we can arrange a time for a phone call. To schedule a meeting (or call), e-mail

Increasingly, prospective students are introduced to Zen training through workshops such as those offered by the Institute for Zen Leadership. These programs provide instruction and practice in zazen and dojo etiquette. Graduates of these programs are welcome to join our ongoing training programs. However, we ask that you contact an instructor to inform him/her that you want to start. Again, you can e-mail